Game announcement: Kaiju Klash

I don’t really talk about my own projects too often on here unless I think I have something useful to share that might help others, but it also feels weird to not acknowledge my own games at all, so let’s just keep it short and to the point. Kaiju Klash, my turn-based combat game based around building your own mega monster, is now available to wishlist! It’s an expanded version of the game I made for the Kaiju Jam back in February. Compared to the game jam version, it features loads of new monsters, boss fights, type advantages, permadeath, special battle modifiers, a proper career mode, and more. It took a bit longer than I would’ve liked since I largely took a break from it over the summer, but I’ve finally gotten my butt back to work on the game and it will release before the end of the year.

You can check out the store page below.