Ten small ways to make your life easier in GDScript

Here's a collection of miscellaneous tips when working with GDScript to make your life easier. Improve working with the terminal, organizing your code, and learn a few shortcuts you might find handy.

Game development in the dying days of Flash

It's been ten years since my first "commercial" game project, so let's take a look back at what game development was like in 2014. Flash was on the way out, HTML5 was up and coming, and Steam hadn't yet opened the floodgates. The business model of web games was quite different back then, so let's dive in!

Come join the Discord!

Come hang out, get tech support, or tell me why I'm wrong.

Making a golfing roguelike in one week

Here's a look at my entry for The 7DRL Challenge, Par for the Corpse. A mashup of golf game and roguelike, I'll talk about how the levels are generated and some challenges I ran into along the way.

Making a dev console in Godot - A devlog

Here's a look at how I implemented a simple dev console in my game to speed up development. The core functionality is driven by Godot's Expression class, but I've also added a history and autocomplete system to let me work even more effectively.