Making a dev console in Godot - A devlog

Here's a look at how I implemented a simple dev console in my game to speed up development. The core functionality is driven by Godot's Expression class, but I've also added a history and autocomplete system to let me work even more effectively.

Advanced state machine techniques in Godot 4

Here's a look at some more advanced techniques you can implement in your state machine when you need something a bit more complex than the starter state machine I showed in the last post. We'll look at three techniques worth understanding for building out the state machine you need and address a few common pain points people run into when programming a state machine.

Starter state machines in Godot 4

Here's an updated look at how I like to do state machines in Godot 4. I'm going to go over some simpler, starter techniques today, and in the next post I'll go in-depth about techniques you can use when today's examples don't cut it.

Making tactical units - A devlog

We've looked at the high-level design of the game, now let's talk about how the data behind units is structured, how artwork is implemented, and how I'm handling unit AI.

Developing a tactics engine in Godot - A devlog

In this devlog of sorts, we'll look at how I'm structuring the game engine for my future tactics game using Godot. Topics include level structure, unit structure, and action management.