Making a customizable turn-based combat game in two weeks

A few takeaways from my latest game, Kaiju Klash, which was made in two weeks for the Kaiju Jam.

Using Line2D nodes to create physics bodies in Godot

Combining the Line2D node with the Geometry class, we can let players draw their own physics objects in a game.

Bite-Sized Godot: Five small GDScript tips

Let's take a moment to look at some small, but helpful, tips for working with GDScript.

Bite-Sized Godot: Setters and getters in GDScript using setget

Using setget, we can write custom logic to run when a variable is set or read.

An introduction to procedural lock and key dungeon generation

While primarily used for Zelda-like dungeons, this technique can be used to generate custom worlds, branching dialog, and more.