Bite-sized Godot: Better screen shake

Using Godot's built-in OpenSimplexNoise class, we use create smooth, continuous noise to control our camera. Appropriate for both intense screen shaking and more subtle "handheld" effects.

Building a more advanced state machine in Godot

We've seen how to implement a basic state machine, now let's look at how hierarchical state machines and dependency injection can help us build it out further.

Making a customizable turn-based combat game in two weeks

A few takeaways from my latest game, Kaiju Klash, which was made in two weeks for the Kaiju Jam.

Using Line2D nodes to create physics bodies in Godot

Combining the Line2D node with the Geometry class, we can let players draw their own physics objects in a game.

Bite-Sized Godot: Five small GDScript tips

Let's take a moment to look at some small, but helpful, tips for working with GDScript.