Bite-Sized Godot: Callbacks and function references with FuncRef

While functions are not first-class objects in Godot, FuncRefs can help replace some of that missing functionality.

Implementing state machines and the state pattern in Godot

In this follow-up post, we'll look at how we can take the theory we discussed previously and apply it to Godot.

An introduction to state machines and the state pattern

State machines make it easy to manage the state of your objects and help you write cleaner, more maintainable, and easily expandable code.

Bite-Sized Godot: Using class_name to enable static typing

This keyword allows for static typing of custom classes without having to litter preload commands everywhere.

Using Polygon2D nodes to create physics bodies in Godot

The Polygon2D node can be a great way to create and draw custom physics objects in Godot.