5 tips for better platformer controls

Making a good, satisfying platformer is a lot harder and more involved than throwing a physics body on top of a tilemap and calling it a day, so here's a few tips for how you can make your platformer feel better to play, from the basics to some more advanced tricks.

Bite-sized Godot: Scene transition effects

Let's look at how we can use animations, shaders, and other effects to make better scene transitions in Godot.

How to properly communicate between game objects with the observer pattern

The observer pattern is everywhere, and with good reason. It makes it easy to let different game objects communicate with one another without coupling your entire application together.

Bite-sized Godot: The OS Class

Godot's OS class offers you direct communication with the user's operating system, providing a lot of convenience for things like determining the screen resolution, moving and resizing the game window, and working with the system clipboard.

11 tips for writing cleaner code

These principles, applicable to any type of software developer, will help you write code that is more readable and more maintainable.