Making a 3D tactics game in two weeks

Let's take a deep dive into my entry for Mech Jam III, the elemental tactics game Elemechs. Artwork, system design, architecture, and sound will all be covered.

Game announcement: Kaiju Klash

The store page for my third commercial game, and second Steam release, is now up!

Bite-Sized Godot: Five more small GDScript tips

Let's take a moment to look at a few more small, but helpful, tips for working with GDScript.

How to use the microphone in Godot

Using the microphone is fairly straightforward in Godot, though you might not realize it since the information you need is scattered all over the web. This is my attempt to organize everything into one post.

5 tips for better platformer controls

Making a good, satisfying platformer is a lot harder and more involved than throwing a physics body on top of a tilemap and calling it a day, so here's a few tips for how you can make your platformer feel better to play, from the basics to some more advanced tricks.